Introducing Twisting Chess

Welcome to our blog for the table game “Twisting Chess”. In this first post we like to introduce our game based on the classic Chess.

Who can play it?

Twisting Chess is a game for all ages, it just require to know the basic rules of the Chess game and with the introduction of our 2 new characters we give a Twist to the game and it makes it very unpredictable.

Why another Chess variation Game?

The  “Chess game” is a great  game, but to master the game you require lots of time and maybe years and years of practice and dedication, this can be for some players a barrier not to play it, and miss this fantastic game and for new generations it is an step that they do not take to start learning it.

It is well known that the Chess game stimulate your creativity, brains capacity on both sides of the brain, it helps preventing Alzheimer, It enriches intelligence on different levels, it helps on solving problems, plan and think in advance, helps on sharpen you memory and more benefits.

We like with Twisting Chess to create a game that uses the strength of Chess game and gives a surprise factor in order to have fun and erase some pre conceptions on the inaccessibility of the Chess game. Thank you Russ for your knowledge in 3D modeling!

Who are we?

We are 2 entousiasthic creators, Ramon Jahn and Eduardo Pérez, started creating a game that turned to be a variation of the chess, although another games ideas are coming.
Original idea: Jahn&Perez,
Design: Laloberinto Art & Design
Production: De Tinnen Roos

Our big thanks to the Chess club of Millingen aan de Rijn (Schaakvereniging Millingen aan de Rijn), for their advise and testing, we could not be more happy with your support!!!


Before launching our game, we shared the first versions with the Association of Chess at our local community in Millingen aan de Rijn (Schaakvereniging Millingen aan de Rijn). We appreciate infinitively your support and your feedback!

We will be glad to announce our coming presentations and share our community input and feedback.
We will launch our game on a kick starter, and we invite you to support our game. for this we will keep you informed.

Please visit our Facebook page and Instagram channel to get the latest updates.

Twisting Chess


Twisting Chess is a brand name by Jahn&Perez© All rights reserved 2018

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